A busy summer — a trip to Oregon for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, visitors galore and all sorts of summer fun — have kept us from Tess for awhile. We’d been planning on a run down to Half Moon Bay this weekend but the dense fog we woke up to on Friday said “Nay!”

So we adjusted our plans and sailed up to China Camp. The new (very old but new to the boat) jib makes a WORLD of difference in sailing ability. So I guess I wasn’t so wrong after all — it really was the sails!

We anchored fairly close in because we (read: Rob) would be rowing ashore against wind and tide. Shortly after setting anchor, another little boat tried anchoring right on top of us. We sat in the cockpit, watching and waiting. They knew they were too close but were obviously loathe to admit it. Good sense (and undoubtedly visions of higher insurance premiums) prevailed and they reanchored. They were still stupidly close for such a big anchorage but at least we weren’t going to play bumper boats.

Strange and uncomfortable swell started rolling in later in the afternoon — strange because the wind direction was coming from the SW and the swell from the E. It lasted a few hours, long enough to drive off a couple other boats, but it settled down after sunset.

Sleeping on Tess is not the most comfortable proposition. I think my limit is one night, though Rob hopes to take longer trips. Not me. I like the comfort of Silent Sun. I have everything I need at my fingertips — no lugging back and forth — and I get a good night’s sleep in a comfy bed. But I can ‘go camping’ every now and again. Plus, she’s fun to sail!